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All are welcome – we are for athletes of all level and ages, from beginners to elites. Everyone with a passion for swimming, cycling and running are included in our STS family.

Your best is yet to come – we strive for personal excellence, where each person sets their own targets and we club together to help athletes become the best they can be, whether it’s completing a first Triathlon or winning World Champs.

Giving it our all – we’re as dedicated as those who train with us, because we love what we do and help people do what they love. We are committed to always doing better.

Working together – even individually competitive sports are greatly enhanced by camaraderie and teamwork. As a squad of like-minded athletes; we’re always motivating, supporting and inspiring each other.

Training & Coaching

Structured, coached group training: 14 – 17 sessions a week
Personalised online coaching by our qualified coaches
Event Specific Group Training programs, eg for 70.3, Ironman , Xterra
Training camps for international athletes
One-on-one swim, bike, run and strength & stability sessions
Technical swimming analysis and stroke correction
Mountain Bike skills sessions by our own World Champ
Group rides in a safe, controlled environment and with a back up vehicle
Besides our main groups, we also have a beginners training group and lunch time swimming group.

Personal Programs

Cobus is a Certified Ironman Coach, and is ready to chat to you about your personal program. We don’t believe in generic programs for everyone, and each program is made specifically for each individual. Programs are usually either 12, 16, 20 or 24 weeks in duration.

Contact us on the form below, providing your age, current level, sporting background, specific goals and anything else you may feel important. We can then have a good chat and then make some specific plans.


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Training Camps


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One on One Training


Junior Squad


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