With upto 20 training sessions per week, managed by three dedicated coaches, there is a lot going on at STS. We’ve listed most frequently asked questions below. If there’s still anything else you need to know, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to be a Triathlete to join STS?
No, STS is for swimmers, cyclists, runners and Triathletes! Over the years STS has developed into offering coaching in the individual Triathlon disciplines.
Do I have to be a certain fitness level to join STS?

We cater for ALL fitness levels and have dedicated beginner swimming, cycling and running groups with a hands coach, however if you struggle to do the following we recommend starting with our 1-on-1 coaching options to build your fitness and confidence:

– Swimming: 2 lengths (50m) freestyle
– Running: 2km continuous run
– Cycling: 12km

What are the benefits of joining STS?
  • Quality coaching by our qualified, experienced and passionate coaches
  • Discount on STS sponsors and partner brands products and services
  • Awesome STS kit!
  • Event (race) support
  • Squad communication and Weekly Newsletter
  • Race entry fee discount for various events
  • Invites to social events and info sessions
  • Regular Training Camps
  • Robben Island Swim crossings
  • Annual International 70.3 Half Ironman Tour
  • The camaraderie within STS is what sets us apart from the rest!
What is the duration of the training sessions?

Monday- Friday most training sessions are 60 minutes long (rides up to 90 minutes) and over weekends we do our longer rides/runs/swims.

Do I have to do all the sessions?

No, you can pick and choose sessions as it suits your schedule. You can also chat to one of the STS Coaches for guidance on which and how many sessions to attend, depending on your goals.

What is contained in the welcome pack?

STS shirt/vest; STS Phone Card Holder and some sponsors goodies.

How/when do I collect my STS shirt/vest?

You can collect is from the STS office at any time – just arrange with one of the Coaches.

How many sessions can you participate in during the month for swimming/ cycling/ running/ gym?

You can join all the training sessions available for your specific package option, ie: all the swims if you’re on the swimming package .If you choose the Triathlon package you would have access to all the swim/bike/run/gym sessions.

What training options are there for winter?

We continue training throughout winter so have the same package options, however we add more gym sessions and have slightly less swim sessions. We also run a Winter Challenge to keep athletes motivated!

What swimming pool do you use and is it heated?

We use Paul Roos Gymnasium Pool in Stellenbosch – a beautiful, well-kept outdoor pool. We continue swimming throughout the year and, during the colder months, the pool is heated. There is a period of 4-6 weeks (over the mid-year school holiday) where we move to a heated indoor facility.

What gym do you use?

We use private gyms in the heart of Stellenbosch.

Where is the STS office?

The STS office is located at the “Ou Landbousaal” in Die Laan, in Central Stellenbosch. You will see the STS feather banners outside. 

The address is: 1 Noorwal-Wes road, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch 7600

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How often do you run the Try2Tri program?

Twice a year with sign up options in January or February and August or September, depending if you join the 12 or 16-week program.

Can we change our selected option during the year?

Yes, simply contact our office on sts@triathlonsquad.co.za to do so.

What notice is needed to change options?

No notice is needed if you want to add to your package, but if you want to “downgrade” you need to wait for the month, quarter or year to end- depending on your current specific package.

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