You don’t have to be a Triathlete to join STS! Over the years STS has developed into offering coaching in the individual Triathlon disciplines, which includes a running option.

Whether you want to train to beat your PB on the road, for a trail run or to complete a 5km or longer, our running sessions cater for ALL levels and you can be sure that there will ALWAYS be someone faster and someone slower than you. Our running squad is big and allows us to split into 3 groups:

  • Beginners group
  • Intermediate group
  • Advanced group

Training in a group keeps you accountable, gives you structure and is just so much more fun and social. STS coaches and training partners push you to be better in a positive, encouraging and non-pressured environment.

During the week we do interval type training and over weekends we do our longer run. We also mix things up by having monthly Time Trials and Social Runs.

You can participate in several 8-week programs during the year such as the STS Beat Your Best 5km/10km / half marathon, STS Winter Challenge, STS Feel Your Best, etc.