You don’t have to be a Triathlete to join STS! Over the years STS has developed into offering coaching in the individual Triathlon disciplines, which includes a swimming option.

During the summer months we swim in a beautiful, well kept outdoor pool at Paul Roos Gymnasium and offer the following sessions on different days:

  • early morning (6AM)
  • post school drop off (8AM)
  • lunch time (12PM)
  • Late afternoon (5:30PM)

We continue swimming throughout the year and, during the colder months, the pool is heated. There is a period of 4-6 weeks (over the mid-year school holiday) where we move to a heated indoor facility.

Our swimming sessions cater for swimmers of ALL levels as we divide the pool into lanes for the different abilities.

We also have 2 open water swims (weather dependent) a week: 1 dam swim and 1 sea swim.

For those new to swimming / simply want to swim for enjoyment / want to improve their fitness and/or technique, we also have a dedicated beginners group with a hands-on coach. This group’s atmosphere is relaxed and will create and environment where you can build confidence with fellow beginners on your own time.

If you’re not quite ready to join a group, we also offer 1-on-1 / “adult learn to swim” sessions to get you to a level where you are ready to join a group.

Periodically, we also offer Swim Clinics that focus on specific strokes or points.  The feedback from the Swim Clinic includes a video analysis of your stroke and a report containing pointers for improvement.

In addition to the training, we also have our own STS swimming events: twice a year we host the “STS Mile” and also do regular Robben Island Swim Crossings!

STS swimming and Biosplash Swimming Academy joined forces and now through Stellenbosch Aquatics offers world class coaching for your children  age 6- 18. Feel free to contact us for more info