Bobby Behan
I remember way back (2005-2006), a period when I was training here on a full-time basis, swimming with this young girl, Vicky van der Merwe, under Maties Head Coach Pierre De Roubaix. Even then, Vicky had an amazing personality. Vicky was at school in Bloemhof and when we sometimes swam in The Strand, we’d take Vicky by car. Vicky and I are old friends.

This past Christmas Vicky convinced me to return to the pool. When I stopped serious triathlon way back in 2006, I left the swimming pool behind. Honestly, I was over it! Vicky has reignited my passion for swimming and although I only swim twice per week these days, I look forward to each and every session. Vicky has an amazing personality, a personality that has entrenched itself in all members of the squad. The squad atmosphere is brilliant, true camaraderie and I love the banter. There’s a place for everyone … the newbie, the rookie, the mum juggling kids and family life, the old slow pro, the newbie pro, the x-swimmer who swims like a fish (she hurts me!)! No-one should feel intimidated … all are welcome. I have travelled the world; there are few if any squads quite like this one.

“I recommend the squad to anyone passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and … having fun!”
Knowing the 15 year old Vicky and to see first hand what she is achieving today makes me very proud. I am hugely impressed by The Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad and what it brings to the local community. I recommend the squad to anyone passionate about health, lifestyle, fitness and … having fun!

Managing Director – Specialized Bicycles Africa and Ireland
Global Sports Marketing Director – Specialized Bicycles
Former Pro Triathlete and Irish National Champion (with an ITU Elite Ranking of +/- 80th at one stage)

Theresa Fourie (Nollies)
I hate the cold. So for someone to encourage me to swim through a Boland winter in an outdoor pool (heated though) and then get me to call it “enjoyable, fun and fantastic’ , you must have quite a motivating personality and inspiring group in your favour ! And I am not even a swimmer- I am much more comfortable with my feet in running shoes! But that is exactly what STS is about.
“You will find your place here and you will definitely feel inspired!”
Whether you are joining the group to try something new, training to make a podium or you are a mom who want to swim in an outdoor pool while it is pouring cats and dogs to feel adventurous- you will find your place here- and you will definitely feel inspired!

Former South African half marathon athlete and participated in world champs.
Two Oceans gold medallist and South African Cross country champ.
Mom of two, juggling sport, kids, work and life style.

Henrik Scharf
I had two fantastic weeks in South Africa. Vicky and the whole team of the Triathlon Squad were the best host one could ask for. Stellenbosch offers perfect training conditions and gives you also the opportunity to get to know South Africa and its people – a great mix of sports and holidays. It definitely hasn‘t been my last camp in Stellenbosch!

Henrik Scharf
German Age Group Triathlete

Jean-Paul Burger
What I like about STS is that it’s a community of like-minded people. People who like exercise, people who like sport. The structured training is great as there are plenty of options that cater for everyone! If you join STS and commit to the training sessions, you will no doubt improve your performance hugely.
“There are always people that push you, no matter what level of athlete you are!”
It’s a great training environment as there are all types of athletes: beginners, elites, people training just for fun, and former pros. There are always people that push you, no matter what level of athlete you are! Lastly, it’s a great way of meeting awesome new people.

Jean-Paul Burger
Top Namibian athlete and aspiring Olympian

Michelé Stuurman
I’d like to thank you for inspiring me, for making me think how I want to improve my lifestyle, believe in myself, learn from you and for me to give back to other women who I have in my life and don’t always have these opportunities or aspirations. Although I was more mature than most, thank YOU for your support and always encouraging me, although sometimes I was nervous and feeling intimidated. You changed my mindset and showed me that I can life live to the max it doesn’t matter your age. As sport has always been part of my life it feels good to be able to carry on.

Michelé Stuurman

What they say...

“An exceptional group of people lead by exceptional coaches who will encourage and inspire you to be the best you can!  Such a privilege to train with STS.”

Cronje van der Merwe

“I love the variety of people at STS and the coaches are the best"

Nadine Mostert

"There is something for everyone! Some kids are only 7 and we have people almost hitting 55! The best way to start and end your day is the STS Tri way!"

Deleen-Marie Steyn

"STS is definitely a family friendly training group, we are still amazed that our family is always welcome even with our youngster Tian always trying to beat the fastest athletes on a sprint. Thank you Vicky, Cobus for inspiring our children. STS is a place where you train hard and always feel blessed!"

Francois & Louise Ferreira

"We believe in training groups, as this both motivates us and brings the best out of us in every set. One will constantly challenge oneself to keep up with a faster athlete. STS Tri Squad has a unique group of people who definitely brought the best out  of us in recent years!"

Landie & Christiaan Greyling

"Absolutely love this squad. They really become family. The coaches get it right to train beginners like me to super serious guys."

Yadah Fourie