Try To Tri Programme

Preparing for your first ever triathlon, or maybe just a part-time athlete?

Introducing the STS programme, dedicated to getting you ready for your first triathlon

Our twelve week programme is designed to get beginner triathletes ready for their first triathlon. Not only will we get you physically fit, but we’ll get your kit right, prepare you for race day and transitions.

There are three target events in the next few months, all ideal for beginner triathletes. Details will be updated on this page.

Please contact us for more information, and to register for the programme.

Try to Tri Target Events:

Slanghoek Triathlon – 27 October 2019 – BreĆ«land Wine Cellar – Entries

Woolworths Triathlon – 01 December 2019 (TBC) – Paul Cluver

Lomond Triathlon – 14 December 2019 – Lomond, Gansbaai – Entries

Week 2: 12 – 18 August 2019


Workout Explained:
Warm up- 10min easy jog

Main set-
45 sec hill, easy jog down, 5min @75% effort
90 seconds rest
45 sec hill , easy jog down, 4min @ 80% effort ,
90 seconds rest
45 sec hill, easy jog down 3min @85 % effort ,
90seconds rest
45 sec hill, easy jog down 2min @ 90% effort

Cool down- 5min easy jog
17:20- Danie Craven Statue


Rest day OR Bike 1hr
Workout explained:
solo 45-60min easy spin


Rest day-
Nutrition- stick to healthy carbs, lean
protein, and good fats.
Stretch/ foam roll/ sports massage/nap.

Own time


RUN- fartlek
Workout explained:
Warm up-10min easy warm up jog

Main set-
2 sets of

2min @ 80% effort
2 x 1min @ 84 % effort
4 x 30 seconds @ 86% effort
(Work equals rest)

Cool Down-10min easy cool down walk/jog

06:00 – Danie Craven Statue


BIKE- Pyramid intervals
Workout explained:
Warm up- 10mins easy spin

Main set-
1min on, 1min off
2mins on, 2mins off
3mins on, 3mins off
4mins on, 4mins off
3mins on, 3mins off
2mins on, 2mins off
1min on, 1min off

2x (30sec on, 30sec off)
Cool Down-
10-15mins easy riding

17:15- Danie Craven Statue


Workout explained:
Warm up-
200m free with fins
200m kick with fins
4x50m drills*
8x25m build ups

Main set-
5x100m freestyle with pull buoys and paddles @ 80% effort
1x25m @ max effort

Cool down-
200m easy, any stroke.

17:00- Maties/Suspi gym outdoor pool


RUN- longer run
Workout explained:

10min easy jog, then 8 x 4min easy jog, 1min walk – keep this session super easy. Aim of this run is to get used to time on legs.

Own time


Workout explained:

1-2hr easy ride. Hit the trails or enjoy the open road. This ride is aimed at time in the saddle and getting comfortable on the bike.

Own time