NB notices for this week: 

• last week of early morning swimming- then we will move to afternoons + pool heaters will be on. 
• Coach Keith will be doing 1 on 1 swim sessions Monday – Wednesday between 8-10AM. Please message him if you want to book a slot 
• Tomorrow is the last day to our our new STS premium trisuit! 
• We’re looking at a run/gym package option from the 2nd quarter, but only if there is enough interest. Please msg me if you’re interested. 

Have a great week everyone!! 

*please read carefully- slight change

06:00 SWIM, Paul Roos 
17:30 RUN, Danie Craven Statue 

05:45 BIKE, Paul Roos Spar (road AND mtb- intervals) 
12:00 SWIM, Paul Roos 
18:30 GYM, below Specialized HQ 

06:00 SWIM, Paul Roos 
12PM SWIM, Paul Roos 
16:45 CORE and DRILLS, Danie Craven Statue 
17:30 RUN, Danie Craven Statue 

No 12:00 Swim
05:30 BIKE, Specialized
18:30 GYM, below Speciaized HQ

06:00 RUN, Danie Craven Statue 
17:00 SWIM, Ski Dam (Openwater)

AM Long Run,  TBC
10AM – 1PM : Race registration at Specialized Stellenbosch 

AM: Race- STS Middelvlei Tri! 
16:00 SWIM, Gordon’s Bay (sea swim)