Training Times for the week

*all sessions cater for all levels as we divide the group into 3, except for the bike sessions which have dedicated groups- as listed below.

• reminder that we have also started swims at Somerset College for those on SSW side 🙂
• please RSVP for Tuesday's Mountain Bike Skills session – focussed on beginner to intermediate level riders. Small fee of R50 pp for STS Members.

• 6AM SWIM, Paul Roos
• 8AM SWIM, Paul Roos
• 17:30 RUN, Landbousaal

• 5:45AM BIKE, Landbousaal (intermediate and advanced riders)
• 12PM SWIM, Paul Roos
• 17:30 MTB SKILLS Clinic, Landbousaal (beginner – intermediate riders)
• 17:45 SWIM, Somerset College

• 6AM BIKE, Landbousaal (beginner ride/ MTB's welcome)
• 8AM SWIM, Paul Roos
• 17:30 RUN, Landbousaal

•5:30AM BIKE, Landbousaal (tempo loop with safety car- intermediate and advanced riders)
•12PM SWIM, Paul Roos
•17:45 SWIM, Somerset College
• 18:00 GYM, Markotter (strength and mobility)

•6AM SWIM, Paul Roos

•6:30AM RUN, Landbousaal
• 7:30AM BIKE (beginner ride, details tbc)
• PM SWIM, Gordon's Bay Sea Swim (details tbc)
• RACE: Blue Lagoon Triathlon (Squad event)

• 6:30AM BIKE, Landbousaal (+- 3hr easy ride for intermediate/advanced riders)