All sessions are divided into 3 groups…”beginner”/intermediate and advanced, except for the bike sessions where there are dedicated rides for the different levels

• we will be starting with *Mountain Bike Skills sessions* from this week!The sessions will alternate weekly between beginner and intermediate groups to make sure riders of similar skill level ride together. This week will be for intermediate riders, ie you must be comfortable on single track. You will need to *RSVP as space is limited* .
• 6AM SWIM, Paul Roos
• 17:30 RUN, Landbousaal (intervals)

• 5:45AM BIKE, Landbousaal (intervals- intermediate and advanced riders)
• 12PM SWIM, Paul Roos
• 6PM GYM/Teambuilding , Markotter

• 5:45AM MTB SKILLS session, Landbousaal
• 6AM BIKE, Landbousaal (beginner ride)
• 8AM SWIM, Paul Roos
• 17:30 RUN, Landbousaal (intervals)

•5:30AM BIKE, Landbousaal (tempo loop with safety car- intermediate and advanced riders)
•12PM SWIM, Paul Roos
•17:30 SWIM, Coetzenberg dam (openwater)

•6AM SWIM, Paul Roos
•8AM SWIM, Paul Roos

•6:30AM RUN, Landbousaal (trail run)
•7:30AM BIKE, detail tbc (+- 2hr beginner ride)
•4PM SWIM, Gordon’s Bay Sea Swim (swim will be confirmed- depends on weather and sea conditions)

• 6:30AM BIKE, Landbousaal (long ride)